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Make the Arrest


Trevor Baldwin was shot and killed by an alleged well known gang member in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2014.  Police are “certain” who pulled the trigger however they have cold feet and won’t make the arrest.  The Baldwin family deserves justice for Trevor.  The anniversary is fast approaching tick-tock cops!




Snake on a Plane


Who the Bleep Dis I Marry?  Season 2 Episode 7

Michelle Broome married her high school crush.  They moved from Florida to Southern California.  She was singing in local bands.  She had a promising career working for a record label.  Tom was a flight instructor and private pilot.  They seemed to have it all until Michelle discovered who the bleep she married.

With Friends Like These…


This week’s episode tells the case of a group of teens from Broward County in the summer of 1993.  The group of teens have a conflict with one of their friends that has become intolerable.  A terrible idea mixed with a long list of disturbing circumstances doesn’t end well for these teens.  


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Wealthy Men Only


Nanette Johnston knew what she wanted from a man.  She posted a personal ad in a magazine seeking “Wealthy Men Only”.  She was shameless before being shameless was fashionable.  Bill McLaughlin took a leap of faith and took her on a date…


Sources: Investigation Discovery Channel, The Perfect Murder, Season 1 Episode 5

Moral Failing, Murdered Mistress

A former Baltimore officer convicted of first-degree murder in the 1993 death of 22 year old Gina Nueslein is still maintaining his innocence. His wife and son believe he is innocent. They turn to Reasonable Doubt and the ID channel to prove his innocence.

Sources: Investigation Discovery Channel Reasonable Doubt Season 1 Episode 4; Baltimore Sun

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Court of Law, Not A Court of Justice!

New Year’s morning 2009 is when 15 year old David Johnson’s life was forever changed. Wrong place, wrong time?!  Was it a setup, self defense, an axe to grind that backfired?  Lots of twists so come follow along!!


Sources: Investigation Discovery, Reasonable Doubt, Season 1 Episode 3; David Johnson, Montgomery County, MO court records

Witness Box Episode 1 – 8 Minutes 46 Seconds: Stop the Killing NOW!!

Witness Box episodes gives us the opportunity to remember victims, survivors, wrongfully convicted and injustices that us ordinary people need to be aware, to be less at risk.  Due to the state of our country, the United States of America and beyond we are going to share just a brief conversation surrounding George Floyd and those responsible. 

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