It Wasn’t the Toy Tomahawk

Erick Westervelt FACE to FACE with Chris

October 5, 2004 Erick Westervelt was at home with his family watching game 1 of the American League Division Series playoffs. Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees . Yankees lost 2-0 Was Erick an angry Yankees fan that decided he was going to face his nemesis for a win? Timothy Gray recaptured the heart of Jessica Domery while attending nuptials of mutual friends. One problem, Jessica was Erick’s girl. Jessica had a big decision to make and it ultimately left Erick suffering in silence with heartbreak. Did it lead him to his boyhood toy box in search of his toy souvenir tomahawk he probably begged his parents to buy him while on a family vacation? He dreamed of using it for something good perhaps and off he went undetected out of his house, bludgeoned Timothy. He left that crime scene without a trace.. OR is this the only explanation that the police found plausible. Tune in to find out!

Sources: Investigation Discovery Channel, Reasonable Doubt Season 1 Episode 2

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